The History of the Oak Hill Golf Club

Money in the Bank, Construction Starts

Early in June 1966, Bill Stem, club Attorney, reported on the closing of the FHA loan, pointing out that the $150,000 was deposited in a checking account in the Milford Bank and then transferred to a saving account designated as the Oak Hill Golf Club and Farmers Home Administration Construction account.   With the FHA loan money in hand the Board turned their full attention on proceeding with the construction of the second nine and building a new club house. To this end the Board approved the site for the new club house as approximately 50 feet from the east end of the old barn.

Three bids for the construction of the new clubhouse had been received; Blessing & Erwin – approximately $32,500, Julius Nagy – approximately $34,500, and a Phillipsburg contractor – approximately $47,000.   Blessing & Erwin were awarded the contract and work was started during the week of July 11 th .

The full 18-hole course had been measured and the following yardages were established:


Blue Tees           6707 yards

White Tees         6424 yards

Red Tees             6150 yards

Ladies Tees         5894 yards


During the period of time between March and May many stone picking parties and tree plantings were scheduled prior to the official opening of the second nine and the opening of the new clubhouse.   The official openings took place on May 27, 1967 with appropriate ceremonies including a band, introductions, an invocation and remarks by then President Al Moss.


By July of 1967 the condition of the golf course in general and particularly # 6 and # 7 greens had degraded so badly that the current Greens Superintendent was asked to resign and an Acting Superintendent was established until such time as a new Greens Superintendent could be hired.   Dave McGhee was hired as a consultant during this period and before long he agreed to return to Oak Hill for a second stay as Greens Superintendent.


The next several years passed along rather routinely with the Board concentrating on running the club on a sound financial base and taking care of the usual minor problems that developed.   Discussions were held regarding the possibility of obtaining a new maintenance building and expanding the clubhouse.   After getting the proper approval from Riegel Paper in 1970, a new maintenance building was built on the current site behind #3 tee.


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