The History of the Oak Hill Golf Club

The Course is Almost Lost

In mid March of 1972 the Club Board and members heard that the paper mills of Riegel Paper Corp. had been sold to the Federal Paper Board Co. At that point, nobody knew what effect that would have on the Lease agreement the Club had with the Management of Riegel Paper.   Discussions were held between Club Officers and Management Personnel of Federal Paper Board and it was soon discovered that Federal Paper Board had no intention of honoring the lease agreement of the land on which the course had been constructed.   As a mater of fact, the Club Officers were shown architectural drawings showing roadways, condominiums and town houses on the property where the course was located.


This was devastating news because it meant that all of the time, effort and expense put forth by so many people to accomplish what had been achieved might have been in vain. The mood of the Board was to expend every effort possible to see what could be done to save the course.   During discussions with Federal Paper Board personnel it was indicated that the property could possibly be sold to the Club. This developed into an offer by Federal Paper Board to sell the approximately 240 acres of land on which the course was located at a cost of $237,500.   The Board of Trustees immediately instructed the Planning Committee to develop plans to raise the $237,500 necessary to purchase the land and selected Bill Stem to represent the Club during negotiations with the Federal Paper Board. The Planning Committee proposed that the money needed could be raised by selling an additional 1000 shares of stock at $250 per share.


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