The History of the Oak Hill Golf Club

The Club Begins to Materialize

In late 1962 and early 1963 top management officials of the Riegel Paper Corp. showed renewed interest in the golf course project. After considerable discussions and communications between the Golf Planning Committee and these officials, Mr. G. Lamont Bidwell, Jr. informed the Golf Planning Committee that the following decisions had been made by the Riegel Paper Corporation with regards to the golf course:

  • Riegel Paper Corporation would lease enough land for the construction of 18 holes of golf on the Brush-Rounsaville farms at a nominal fee.
  • Riegel Paper Corporation would donate $15,000 anonymously for the golf course project.
  • The Riegel Community Foundation could not be the legal administrator of the golf course and it was suggested that a separate company be formed.
  • Riegel Paper Corporation's commitments were contingent on the ability of the Golf Planning Committee to raise the rest of the necessary funds for a golf course consisting of a minimum of 9 holes.

With this information in hand, the Golf Planning Committee began a series of planning meetings in January of 1963 and formed several committees to obtain detailed information for the following areas:

Legal Issues - Bill Stem
Construction and Operating Costs - Don Hawkins
Engineering and Architects - Ezra Wean
Fund Raising - Joe Kinney
Promotions and Public Relations - Art Brand

The proposed By-Laws indicated that the course would be known as the Ridge Golf Club. The club would be formed as a non-profit corporation with a fifteen member Board of Trustees who would serve three-year terms. In addition, the current members of the Golf Committee would be the initial Board of Trustees. On Feb. 3, 1963 the Golf Club Committee passed a resolution to approve the proposed By-Laws and the proposed Certificate of Incorporation. On Feb. 10, 1963 the Golf Committee adopted the name of "Oak Hill Golf Club" as the official name for the course.

The official drive to sell stock of the Oak Hill Golf Club was preceded by a news release which appeared in the Easton Express and the Delaware Valley News on Feb. 15, 1963 revealing plans for a private golf course to be built in Holland Township.


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