The History of the Oak Hill Golf Club

The Club is Incorporated

The Certificate of Incorporation of the Oak Hill Golf Club was executed on Feb. 19, 1963 with all members of the Planning Committee signing the document.

The sale of stock in the Oak Hill Golf Club officially got underway on Feb. 24, 1963 with the Sales Committee being headed by Co-Chairmen Joe Kinney and Bill Case. On March 3rd it was announced that 125 shares of stock had been sold at $250 each during the first two-week campaign.

At the first meeting of the Board of Trustees, held on March 5, 1963, the following officers were unanimously elected to serve until the first annual meeting of the stockholders in Jan. 1965: President - Josh Krechel, Vice President - Don Newcomb, Secretary - William Case, and Treasurer - Don Hawkins. The Board unanimously adopted the By-Laws at this same meeting. The next meeting of the Board was on March 12th, where it was announced that 247 shares of stock had been sold. It was decided that the sale of stock would be discontinued on March 17th if the total number of golfing members for the 1964 season had reached 200. If the number of golfers had not reached 200 by that date the sale of stock to golfing members only would continue until such time that the 200 figure had been reached. After March 17th there would be no sale of stock to anyone who did not indicate that they would be a playing member for the 1964 season. Mrs. Harder was also asked to make plans for a "Victory Dance" and to come up with suggestions for a club insignia.

By March 17th the number of stockholders had reached 315, which effectively ended the stock sale drive. The last of the golf architects was interviewed at this time and plans were made for the Board of Trustees to approve a selected architect. On March 26th Ezra Wean, Chairman of the Architect Committee, summarized the findings of the committee and recommended that Mr. William F. Gordon and Son be retained as architect to design and construct the 9 hole course. The Board of Trustees unanimously approved this recommendation.

At the April 12th meeting of the Board of Trustees, the greens committee was to meet with Mr. Gordon to discuss the contract and walk the site. The greens committee would also initiate advertising for a green's superintendent. The house committee had surveyed the buildings on the site and recommended that the farmhouse be used as a temporary clubhouse.


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