The History of the Oak Hill Golf Club

The 'Rock Pickers' Go to Work

One of the stipulations of the contract with the William F. Gordon Company was that they would remove all stones from the rough down to a size of 3" and from the fairways down to 2". It was felt that after this was accomplished there would still be many stones left in some areas that would certainly damage golf clubs when play started the next spring. Therefore, club members were asked to volunteer to join rock-picking parties being organized to help remove as many stones as possible. These rock-picking parties were very successful and helped measurably in getting the playing areas in a satisfactory condition. The term "rock picker" has stayed with the club through the years and founding members are still affectionately referred to as "rock pickers".

By November 5, 1963 it was reported that the William F. Gordon Company had completed their work and that Dave McGhee and his crew were handling the necessary maintenance. The year 1963 came to an end with a golf course built, the Treasurer reporting over $14,000 in the bank, and the 1964 operating budget set at $32,663. The drilling of a well was deferred until April 1964 and the House Committee continued to study whether to convert the barn into a clubhouse. The Pro-selection committee began to interview and screen candidates for the position of Head Golf Professional.

During the Jan. 7, 1964 Board meeting the House Committee presented 3 options for constructing a clubhouse: renovating the farmhouse, renovating the barn, and new construction. Based on recommendations from the House Committee it was agreed to renovate the farmhouse. These plans called for a social room, a meeting room, a pro-shop, and two rest rooms on the first floor. The second floor would contain two bedrooms and a bath. The social room was equipped with vending machines for the dispensing of soda, pastry, sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, milk and cigarettes.


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